The Role of a Professional Copywriting Service in a New Website

December 15, 2023 | Platinum Consulting

Your business site is the digital face of your brand. Its launch should catapult you into the public eye in the best way possible – and that means crafting conversion-oriented content. 

With the advent of generative AI tools, some startups are taking care of website copywriting in-house instead of hiring third-party services. 

That might seem like a great way to save money and get your site up quickly, but be warned: Content writing is an area where it’s incredibly easy to cut critical corners. 

The role of experienced copywriters extends far beyond putting words on a page. Their job is to create effective copy that informs, engages, and sells in tandem with your website’s creative design and development features

That’s not something an AI bot can deliver. 

If you’re not convinced that hiring a professional copywriting company is worthwhile, let’s talk about six of the responsibilities associated with launching a new business site. You’ll see that paid writing services are invaluable to any content strategy for websites. 

1. Creating a Strong First Impression 

In many cases, your business website content serves as the first point of contact between you and your prospective customers. You know what they say about making first impressions – you only get one chance.

The content on your site sets the tone for future user experiences and should establish a strong, lasting connection with your target audience. 

Sure, you could use AI to create run-of-the-mill content for your new site: but the truth is, that’s going to deliver run-of-the-mill results. 

As Marcus Sheridan said to the Content Marketing Institute, “We’ll see a continued rise in AI-created content, meaning more and more people will develop an ‘AI-BS meter.’” In other words, visitors will increasingly be able to tell if you used tools like ChatGPT to write your website – and that won’t make a great first impression. 

Instead of resorting to AI writing, create original copy that will attract and impress potential customers. A talented copywriter won’t just write text to fill up white space on your website – they’ll make it count with impactful, engaging content. 

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An amateur writer or AI tool might be able to string together comprehensible sentences, but they won’t be able to strategically optimize for search engines like a professional copywriter. 

SEO services tend to go hand-in-hand with expert copywriting services. In this day and age, SEO isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity, especially for new brands who are establishing their footholds with their respective industries and audiences. 

Although you could conduct standard keyword research, a professional writing team will expand upon your rudimentary SEO tactics. It’s their responsibility to… 

  • Write website copy that matches the searchers’ intent 
  • Create and optimize SEO title tags and meta descriptions 
  • Write optimized category pages and product descriptions
  • Deliver long-form content and articles to draw in traffic 
  • Ensure all of your marketing and ad copy is search-engine-optimized 

Remember: you want people to find your business site organically in the right search results. If you aren’t prioritizing professional-level SEO copywriting tactics, your new site won’t be very visible to search engines or human clients. 

3. Building Credibility and Trust

In an increasingly polarized world, Edelman’s 2023 research indicates that consumers are looking for ethical, competent businesses they can trust. If you’re launching a new company site, that’s what you need to focus on: establishing credibility. 

Your goal is to position your team as subject matter experts within your industry, and high-quality website copywriting services will help you do that. 

The new website content should confidently reflect your brand’s… 

  • Values
  • Mission
  • Expertise 

This is another area where AI-generated content for new sites will fall short. These language processing models essentially spit back content that’s already out there on the web – they don’t deliver new, innovative, or highly authoritative written content. 

When creating your new site, you need help from a talented copywriter to position you as a trustworthy industry leader. Everything from your website pages to your articles and blog posts should be a trust touchpoint for potential clients – and that requires skilled writing services. 

4. Establishing Brand Consistency 

Another element of trust and professionalism lies in cohesiveness. You want your brand identity to be consistent across your web pages, marketing campaigns, blog posts, and product descriptions. 

That might sound easy, but believe us: achieving true message clarity in your content strategy is challenging. 

Paid copywriting services offer a big-picture approach to content writing – one that prioritizes consistency and nails down brand elements for future use. Your writing team is responsible for understanding your business’s tone, verbiage, and marketing themes, then applying them cohesively across the board. 

If you take a stab at branding solo, you might find that consistency turns to repetitiveness. It’s helpful to have a skilled copywriter in your back pocket to write original content that aligns carefully with your brand messaging strategy

5. Reaching Your Target Audience 

Marketing copy and product descriptions are arguably useless if they can’t sell directly to the right people. That’s why your landing pages and overall website content need to be tailored to a specific kind of customer. 

Professional website copywriting services incorporate a fair amount of target audience research. The goal isn’t just to drive traffic to your business site, but to drive the best kind of traffic – people who will actually care about your products or services. 

Any experienced copywriter views content writing as a conversation between the company and their ideal clients. They’re not just focusing on marketing, but on educating and engaging people who are likely to use your products or services. 

As a business owner or marketing director, you might think you know your audience better than anyone else. However, that doesn’t mean you know how to write to them. Fortunately, audience targeting falls under a professional copywriter’s job description. 

6. Turning Visitors into Customers

Last but certainly not least, a paid copywriter is responsible for helping to generate sales and convert leads into paying clients. 

Your new business site might be sleek and interactive, but if it can’t inspire action in prospective customers, it won’t do much for your sales or revenue. 

User-focused website copy should be written with purpose. A professional writer isn’t just thinking about what sounds good or what customers want to hear – they’re considering what will make them act

If you recently launched your site but aren’t seeing an uptick in sales, it’s probably time to research paid copywriting services. It never hurts to get some extra help reaching target audiences and inspiring them to commit. 

Need Copy for a New Site? Use Our Copywriting Services.

Ultimately, your copywriting strategy isn’t just a fancy way of putting words on a page – it’s a method of reaching and enticing audiences that will grow your sales. 

At Platinum Consulting, we offer a variety of digital services to businesses of all sizes and ages. We work closely with project managers to develop marketing and branding strategies that are unique and effective, and writing copy is the cornerstone of all our projects. 

Our writing team has seen firsthand the impact of professional SEO and copywriting services, especially for startups and their new sites. Many of our clients are in the first stages of developing their sites, and our team always starts with content creation. 

If you’re planning to create a new business site, contact our website copywriting agency. Our writing team will work directly with your marketing or leadership team to establish a plan for website copy, marketing content, search engine optimization, and sales generation. 

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