Founded in 2017, Platinum Consulting Services works closely with businesses – from startups to big enterprises – to develop marketing and branding strategies that form strong connections with their ideal customers.

Why Businesses
Love Working with
Platinum Consulting Services

1 We take extra time to understand our clients’ business models on the ground level.

There are no one-size-fits-all marketing or branding plans. Even if there were, we wouldn’t use them! Exceptional marketing is about real human connections. Our strategies start with a detailed analysis of what makes each business special – and how to connect brand values with like-minded customers.

2 We’re in it for the long haul.

We’re not some faceless 3rd party vendor our clients hear from every once in a while. Platinum Consulting Services functions like a close extension of our clients’ in-house teams – and we operate with a “your success is our success” mindset.

3 Businesses can depend on us.

Marketing and branding are a business’s livelihood. We take this responsibility very seriously. When we provide timelines, we stick to them – and we make no compromises in the quality of our work.

4 Our pricing is crystal-clear.

We hate surprise fees and sneaky upcharges as much as everyone else. We never bill our clients for anything unless they understand what it is and how it adds value to their business. All Platinum clients pay an agreed-upon rate for our services, period.

5 We don’t talk above anyone’s head.

The marketing world is full of jargon and confusing sales pitches – but not at Platinum Consulting Services. We make it a point to explain everything in layman’s terms so our clients know exactly what they are paying for.

6 Our specialists don’t sugarcoat the challenges.

Bold promises and false narratives have no place in our business model. Whether it’s good news or bad news, we don’t ignore the obvious or muddle the truth. We tell it like it is, without the BS.

7 We prefer to let results do the talking for us.

We’ve never been big talkers at Platinum Consulting Services, and we’re ok with that. We prefer to let the quality of our work and results speak for itself.

Why Businesses Love Working with Platinum Consulting Services

Our Backstory

We launched Platinum Consulting Services in 2017 to help passionate businesses form stronger connections with their customers. Today’s buyers don’t fork over their hard-earned money to just anyone – they shop with brands that share their values.

Our marketing approach gets to the root of these values and communicates them to the world with a creative twist. We do this by offering a full suite of marketing services to help companies achieve their vision and take their operation to the next level.

Platinum Consulting Services Backstory

Rebecca’s Bio

I am an accomplished business development and marketing strategy consultant with a unique blend of creative vision and business experience. Over the years, I’ve developed an astute understanding of what brands want – and how they can get there.

Since earning my MBA degree in business marketing, I have been committed to building profitable long-term relationships and helping companies grow. I have a passion for crafting and executing marketing strategies and have worked with many business units with annual revenues of $18M or more.

My expertise lies in inspiring and brainstorming fresh ideas, managing deliverables, captivating target markets, and keeping organizations fresh and competitive.

As a people person, I love the rewarding challenge of building a brand and joyfully educating clients. Fueled by a metrics-driven mindset, I am experienced in digital marketing and marketing communication (SEO, SEM, SMM), web analytics (CPC, CPA, CTR) campaigns, and the entire marketing cycle – from strategy planning to project closures.

I am a solutions-oriented leader with a mindset for developing compelling, sustainable brand strategies that deliver results. I have a natural eye for design and creating dynamic ideas to connect with all types of audiences. When I partner with clients, I help elevate their brand story, then develop and implement innovative marketing plans to maximize their reach.

The Platinum Values

Educate First, Sell Later

You should never invest in marketing or branding solutions blindly – with us, you never will. We’ll make sure you understand why every step in our strategy is important and how it will contribute to a strong return on investment.

No Shortcuts

Compromising and cutting corners are not in our DNA. When we partner with you, our job is to find the best solutions to your challenges – which are not always the most convenient ones.

No Gray Areas

The purpose of branding and marketing is to create meaningful connections between businesses and consumers. Our experts achieve this by analyzing your customer journey down to the smallest detail to make sure no stone is left unturned.

Timely Solutions

Motivating customers to take action is about being in the right place at the right time. We work efficiently on every project to make sure we’re hitting the target with every move – keeping you in the loop every step of the way.