Why Do You Need a
Social Media Marketing Manager?

Social Media Marketing is Not a “Spare Time” Job

Results in social media marketing require a dedicated, diligently planned, and consistent effort – it’s not a back-burner project.

Social Media Marketing is a Game of Inches

A proper social media marketing strategy is based on audience analysis and precision. Brands need experts to uncover the profitable solutions.

The Social Media Landscape is Constantly Evolving

Social media marketing is a never-ending game of trends and analysis. Businesses need someone to stay on top of the changes – and find creative ways to leverage them.

The Platinum
Cornerstones of Social Media Marketing

1 Fully-Customized Campaigns

No two brands are the same. Every social media marketing strategy should fit a company like a well-tailored suit. The experts at Platinum work closely with companies to pinpoint their X-factor – and determine the best plan to communicate it with target customers.

2 Complete Transparency

Your social media presence is an integral part of your business image. At Platinum, we don’t make any moves unless you approve them. This means no surprises in planning, posting, billing, and reporting.

3 Zero Guesswork

We don’t provide SMM services based on what we think will work. Everything we do in social media marketing is calculated and rationalized with data analysis. You can rest assured that when we implement a strategy, we’re doing it for a reason.

4 Future-Proof Strategies

The social media landscape changes by the hour. That’s why we don’t just focus on the trends of today. We build every social media marketing strategy to be versatile in accommodating whatever the future holds.

Social Media Marketing Services

Omni-Channel Social Media Marketing

Channel-Specific Social Media Marketing

Account & Profile Creation

Social Media Content Creation

Social Content Publishing Calendar

Social Media Research and Analytics

Campaign and Community Management

Social Media Reporting

The Platinum
Social Media Marketing Process


Get-to-Know You Chat

Every Platinum social media marketing strategy starts with a friendly sit-down. We’ll discuss your goals, challenges, and vision to build strong connections with your ideal customers.


Social Brand Discovery

Step two involves a deep dive into what makes your brand special (your X-factor), your customers’ key attributes, and how we can communicate your values to the world with class and creativity.



The Platinum social media experts will begin laying out your strategy in detail to target customers on the major networks – leaving no stone unturned. Every step in our plans is supported by proven tactics based on data analysis.


Campaign Execution

Our team manages every part of your campaign from start to finish – keeping you in the loop every step of the way. The social media marketing strategy will embody your brand values to a tee – and create meaningful connections with customers.



Every single move in our social media marketing plans is analyzed under a microscope to determine how we make the next move smarter and more profitable. These reports measure the results of the campaign – and how your budget is being used effectively.



The social media marketing landscape is always shifting – and we’ll make sure you shift with it and stand the test of time.